Getting In The NYFW Mood


It’s that time of the year again: NYFW, the first Fashion Week of the season. As most anyone can tell you, it’s already started and while it’s made the streets of the city that never sleeps even more on a frenzi than ever, it takes the blogsphere by storm. Every single fashion blogger or street style photographer, from Blonde Salad genius Chiara Ferragni to posh-full-of-himself Sartorialist Scott Schuman is going, and they can’t stop Tweeting about it. Who can blame them?

I can assure you, when I board that plane from London to New York, my Twitter feed will be going crazy, with my own Tweets. But, as I’m only going for the last two days to attend Nanette Lepore and Calvin Klein, it means I have plenty of time to prepare before São Paulo. Wait, São Paulo? Yes, the brain here forgot he left a blazer, a pair of Margiela sneakers and a must-have pair of Oliver Peoples in his SP apartment, so I have to go there to get them before Manhattan.

Wait again… prepare? And that recalls a question one of my college friends asked me a while ago: “What does it mean to get prepared to Fashion Week? Do you like plan what you’re gonna wear?” Well, yes. And while The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine put a hilarious video on what it means to get Fashion Week ready, it’s not the same process for men.

Anyhow, as I was saying, Fashion Week preparations are different for men. They don’t translate to closet hunts, ridiculous amounts of talking about the Anna Dello Russo diet or charting jets to fit all the bags. Scratch that, because if you’re going in a group that might be a good idea. Anyhow, NYFW preparations for men pretty much mean:

– Learning your wines all over again (to impress the ladies with the impressive skill of acting like they’re listening. These are the best ones because they’ll get drunk really easily with their empty ADR stomachs);

– Hopping back on the gym (because socialities won’t go out with someone who’s not fit);

– Picking up custom-tailored suits (is there anything else?)

Oh, and let’s not forget our sunglasses to go “Girl Watching” (GQ’s version of saying creeping and flirting). Let’s put emphasis on the treadmill, men, because the competition on fashion week is heavy, specially when there’s pretty much someone famous at every corner:

A corner

And I know this post has dragged on for a little longer than expected, but allow me to leave you with some NYFW highlights from around the blogsphere:

1: Ryan Lochte at Rebecca Minkoff / 2: Chiara Ferragni meets Rebecca Minkoff / 3: Kellan Lutz at Bloomingdale’s Fashion’s Night Out / 4: Alessandra Ambrosio for Victoria’s Secret’s FNO.

Until New York Fashion Week, ladies and gentleman.