A Recap Of A Bad-Luck Day

As those of you who follow me on Twitter (@TheDecemberist) might recall, Saturday was not my best luck day. It started out with just your simple bad-luck day and ended as one of the most stressful days ever, that might result in a chaotic week for me. In the morning, I was supposed to grab brunch with a couple of friends at one of their apartments, and I felt like wearing a regular look, nothing too much. But, as acessories are key, I felt like I’d wear my pink high-rise Balenciaga sneakers that add a lot of vivacity to pretty much any look.

They, however were back home in São Paulo, like a ton of other things. Which is really the downside to dividing my time up between those two locations, specially when you pair it with my awesomely bad memory. Anyhow, because of that I couldn’t wear them, but just take a look at these beauties:

What I did then was, I wore my brand-new never-seen-the-light-of-day before Maison Martin Margiela gold sneakers that are pretty much garanteed to liven up even the most basic or run-of-the-mill look:

Wearing shoes as vibrant as these, which are usually a design that I would not wear, I thought to keep the foundation of my look very breezy and simple, so I wore a rolled-up casual white shirt and a pair of regular J Brand dark blue jeans. What I really liked about the outfit were my acessories though, the belt was discrete but had a hint of gold and the bracelets were bright (and by a Brazilian designer) to really make the details speak louder than anything else. I also put on an old pair of Ray-Ban aviators, but since I’m not really big on aviator frames, I ended up leaving them at home. The last detail was a great and very vibrant Want Les Essentials De La Vie men’s bag:

Maison Kitsuné Shirt / J Brand Jeans / Burberry Brit Belt / Luis Morais Bracelets / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Want Less Essentials De La Vie Bag

This collection of Want men’s bags is something I’m really considering buying, because not only are they great, practicle and highly fashionable, they also make the look interesting, however bland it might be.

It was after brunch, though that things took a turn to the hectic, so much so that I don’t feel like going into a lot of detail, to spare me from getting seriously mad, but this is what happened:

  • First, I lost my iPhone somewhere in the street or in a coffee or in a store or mall. It’s lost and no one’s seen it.
  • Secondly and more importantly, when I set out to get my things ready to fly SP before heading to New York Fashion Week, I couldn’t find my Passport. It’s just simply nowhere to be found in my apartment. I’ve contacted my parents to search it for me in SP and they can’t find it either. I’ve asked the embacy and consulate what to do and am still waiting for further developments. Long story short, what this means is… if I can’t find it in time, I’ll miss New York Fashion Week and the Nanette Lepore fashion show.

I know, pretty bad news, and I’m sorry to leave you with them, but you can cheer up because there’s a Decemberist project/surprise on the way…