The Decemberist Favorites: Fashion Bloggers

Before I begin this post I’d like to apologize for my extended absence, but between a passport issue, being in the hospital and a surprise quick short trip to Milan, I didn’t have much time to sit down and blog. But that’s changed, and to celebrate, I thought I’d start with a new segment: The Decemberist Favorites, in which I explore my favorites in several different areas – from restaurants to technology, trip destinations and shoes.

In the first installment, I’ll be telling you about my favorite fashion bloggers (which some of you must be familiar with) and write a bit about why I like them so much. Bonus: my favorite posts from their blogs.

1. Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

My number one fashion-blogger crush, Chiara Ferragni is the Italian law student and fashionista behind the wildly popular Blonde Salad. With a great sense of style (that even gets men interested in her blog) and an even greater mood, Chiara is uplifting and refreshing while also classic and yet authentic. That and she can fluctuate perfectly between haute couture and comfortable fashion. In other words, she’s it in female bloggers, specially since after this trip to Milan I have a whole new appreciation for Italy.

Favorite Posts: Photographed by Tommy Ton at Fashion Week in a Super Hero Outit and this fashionable boat trip in Turkey.

2. Michael Williams, A Continuous Lean

The world is filled with blog readers. And any of those who have stumbled upon Michael’s A Continuous Lean know it’s much more than a lifestyle or a style blog, it’s a way of life, really. Most famous for its “American List”, ACL features some of the most original content on the blogsphere – from trips to homemade broom stores to shoots at the Red Rock Canyon. And it’s all so fresh, innovative, classic and downright American (even though I’m “Anglo-Brazilian”), I can’t help but check it on a daily basis.

Favorite Post: Go To The Red Rock Canyon, Young Man.

3. Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller

Exceedingly hilarious, good natured and unconventionally stylish by nature, Upper East Sider Leandra Medine, mostly known as “The Man Repeller” (who actually got married – to a man) is one of the boldest fashion bloggers out there, inspiring many others. With her ever gripping and entertaining posts (not just about fashion or about looking like a cricket, but also about Instagram filters), if Leandra didn’t make it to my list, I don’t think anyone would. Have I mentioned this New Yorker looks like a Greek beau? She does.

And lastly, even though I’m not the biggest Scott Schuman fan, I couldn’t leave his Sartorialist out of the list for it is truly the pioneer of street style blogs – though it’s changed over the past few years.

With those finishing remarks I leave you for right now but let me know who are your favorite fashion bloggers and how you liked this new segment.